Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ch Ch Ch Changes! :)

As you can see I have been making changes to my blog. If by chance you stop by and it looks strange please bear with me. I am very new to this and I am still learning. So thanks for your patience and check back often! :)

Whoa Nelly!

Yesterday (Tuesday) our temperature went from 60 degrees in the afternoon to 17 late last night! We had a horrific storm go through with tornado warnings, straight line winds, plus rain and even hail in places. It was BAD. Today we barely got above freezing and tomorrow and Friday we are supposed to have snow again. Man I just love living in the Ohio Valley cause if you don't like the weather just wait a minute and it will change! :)

Went to the Dr. yesterday. My blood sugar still isn't where it should be but it's getting better. Jerry and I have been going to Diabetes Education classes and we have been learning quite a bit. We mostly learned we didn't know what we thought we knew. :) So we have been making changes to our diet and trying to exercise more. Like I told the Nurse the other day, it took me 43 years to get this body so I can't get rid of it overnight. We must be on the right track because my sugar this evening was 126. YEAH! So little by little we are getting there. Just like the move, one day at a time.

Also I keep forgetting to add this, the day we went to Evansville and ate at the new place we looked around the gift shop and I saw three cute things. One was a picture frame that Matt found, it said "Home is where your CAT lives" :) I thought it was great except I would need FOUR! :) The other one was a cute plaque that read "I NEVER repeat gossip, so listen VERY carefully!" Loved it! They also have one that read "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all." I thought that was a pretty good one for us but stuff there is SO expensive! We bought one or two little things that were on clearance but not much. Any way it's late and time for bed, more later.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just had to share this pic! :)

I HATE Socks!

Well I hate trying to knit socks :) I have been trying to make a pair for a week now and I have frogged them twice. Actually I have frogged the first one twice, at this rate there will never be a second one! :) For those of you non-crafters out there, frogging something means you rippit, rippit. Any way I am going to give them another go tomorrow. I am doing them on a knifty knitter round loom, just like the snowmen were done on. Of course if Jerry didn't have battleships for feet I wouldn't be trying to make him some, he could go buy them like normal people. Actually it's a sock pattern but I am trying to make him some slipper/socks to wear around the house. Of course the reason he has difficulty finding socks in the right size also makes it hard to find slippers he can wear. Other than that not much new going on. Still working on the house, packing boxes, cleaning, whatever. More later!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

VA Trip Today

Jerry, Matt, and I went to Evansville for another VA appointment for Jerry. He has to go every couple of weeks to get his cumidin(sp) levels checked. It was kind of nasty when we started out and it snowed on us just a bit but it wasn't bad. We ate at the great new place called Stoll's. It's an Amish buffet and boy was it good. It was nice homemade food just like your Mom or Grandma would make. Of course we all ate too much like always :) Actually we are trying to do better in that department but it isn't easy. Especially when you are 6'3" or 6'2" like Jerry and Matt :) They can eat a LOT! Ugh, so can I for that matter, but I am trying to change that. Well everyone is crashed now except me so I think it may be time for a nap too :) Later!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

details of motorhome

from Jerry the other half of the relationship to Stacy. (husband)
I purchased the coach near San Francisco, and drove it to San Diego, where my home is.
I spent some time converting and doing mechanicals to prepare it for the trip to Kentucky. Being rated at 50% disabled by the V.A. I am glad that I had some friends to help me. and they are still my friends. :-)
To save money I acquired some items used but quite usable.I did a lot before Stacy ever saw it. We removed most of the seats, I got kitchen cabinets, a one piece Corian sink and counter top with a 3/4 hp garbage disposer. Again a friend was of great help installing and securing it.. There were a number of items that I had to have in place to meet California requirements before it could be licensed as a motor home. it was inspected and passed without a hitch.I also had to do some electrical. Previous owners included charter/tour companies. I could not believe the wiring mess they created.I have come to believe that they did not understand electrical. Then the dirty part, changing the oils and filters, the engine alone took 8 gallons of oil, the transmission had a glitch, so after draining the oil we pulled the pan and removed the valve body and took it to a specialist. they were great. put it back together fresh fluid and filter and 2,147 miles later I am at Stacy's door step.
I have a learning disabled son who has been a great help in all aspects of this motor home. A benefit for him is he has been learning fractions through handling wrenches,
another plus is he also is understanding the importance of reading the service book for details that make a difference. Matthew is a great adult kid, He is strong as an ox and I would never have managed the tires and rims without him. Never underestimate
a person with disabilities, if they can't do something, they find a different way to accomplish what is needed.
The Coach engine is a Detroit 2 cycle 8-v-92 with blower and turbo and inter cooler.
we haven't obtained the numbers off of the cam's, so we are guessing about 500 HP. top speed at this point is 74 MPH and best so far 7.6 MPG The power is phenomenal, it goes up some serious hills like a scared rabbit. Even though this monster weighs in at 36,000 LBS and is 40 FT in length, with the power steering, air brakes, air ride suspension, Jacobs engine brakes, (set up to select 4 or 8 cylinder braking from driver seat) it is a pussycat to handle and a pleasure to drive.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well we are freezing our hinies off here! It is now 18 degrees and the low tonight is supposed to be FIVE degrees! YOW that's cold! Fortunately we have plenty of food and stuff but most importantly, I have plenty of YARN! :) I even got some new last night. Can't wait to get started on it. So I think today we will stay in, make a pot of chili, throw in a DVD, get comfy, and knit something! :) Stay warm everybody!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Even though we didn't get enough snow to make one outside I thought I would show off one of the ones I made. I made this as a Christmas gift but I ended up selling it. The receptionist at the Diabetes Education Center where I go loves snowmen so I took this to show her and she ended up buying it, which was good because it was extra cash for Christmas, but it was bad because I ended up having to scramble to make another one in time for the holidays. It all worked out though. Isn't he cute? I made it with my Knifty Knitter round loom set. I really like them. I have also made a pair of wristers but don't have a pic yet. I will soon though.

First post!

Ok I am very new at this but I figured this was a way to keep everyone informed of the events going on in this crazy thing called my life :) I will be posting updates on "the move", pictures of crafts and things I want to share, an occasional joke or funny pic, whatever my mood calls for, so be prepared, it's going to be a bumpy ride! :)

Last night we had our first significant snow fall. Just over an inch, but it's mostly melted now. Tonight is when it will be nasty because it will freeze and be slicker than snot on a doorknob. Of course Jerry and Matt don't like it because they are California weenies and hate the cold :) They thinks it's pretty but that's about it. Ok that's all for the moment, more later!