Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well when it rains it pours, or in this case snows! Yesterday we got our first big snow/ice storm and boy was it nasty! We got about 2 inches of snow and ice with more on the way. Then Jerry went to wally world for a few things and got a flat about 6 blocks from home. Well he wasn't sure what street he was on so he couldn't call AAA for a tow. He tried to call me to find out where he was but I was asleep and didn't hear the phone. This new med he is taking is making his sleep even worse so the last week or so about all we have done is take naps :) Any way a police officer stopped to help, told him the street name and he got home ok. Then at about 4 this morning I was sitting here checking email and all of a sudden there was a flash and a bang and we had no power. A tree down the street decided it had one too many branches and that 4 in the morning was the perfect time to shed it. Jerry heard it and got up so then we got Matt up and they went to check it out. Apparently all the snow and ice made the branch break. In the process it took down a power line. I have to give credit to the power company, they had it repaired and back on in about 3 hours. We survived just fine partly because despite the fact we had no electricity we still had coffee! :) How you ask? We have a gas stove :) So we heated the water on the stove and then poured it through the filter of the coffee pot. It was slow but it worked! I also discovered that if I am desperate I can knit by flashlight :) So right now I am home trying to get work done (yeah right) while my friend Lisa takes Jerry and Matt out to get another tire. There is never a dull moment around this crazy house, but life would be boring if there was!

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