Friday, February 29, 2008

All Quiet on the Western Front.......NOT!

There has been so much going on I don't know where to start! I know it's been a while so bear with me. First of all I wanted to invite everyone back on March 10th when Donna Druchunas will be here to talk about her new book Kitty Knits. I have posted a link to the left that you can click to go directly to to purchase it. If you love to knit, have cats, or know someone who does, then this book is for you. It has projects from beginner to advanced, including cat toys, a scarf, afghan, hats, and sweaters, all with a cat theme. I have already made a couple of the cat toys and I am waiting for the yarn to begin the cat tote with. I will post pics when Donna stops by. If you want to check out her blog and visit some of the other stops on the tour and also her other books you can find it here

Now let's go back a few days. First off Valentine's Day. Jerry bought me a beautiful set of earrings. There are three graduated sizes and they look like diamonds or cz's but the have a coating or finish to them that make them look purple/pink depending on the light. Of course I love them! He also got me a gorgeous sterling silver blue butterfly charm. We all know how much I love butterflies :) It looks kind of like it's flying to one side just a bit. Very pretty! I just have to fix it to my bracelet. We also went to Texas Roadhouse for the first time for dinner. It was DELICIOUS! They had a special and we got sirloin steaks plus bbq ribs. Normally I don't care for ribs because they are so messy and you have to work too hard for the meat. They said these were fall off the bone tender and they weren't kidding. YUMMY! I signed up for email specials from them and they sent me a coupon for a free appetizer so we back last week and took Matt. He loves bbq! He spent Valentine's weekend at my friend Lisa's house so Jerry and I could enjoy some time together. I love Matt to pieces but it's nice to just be a twosome every now and again instead of aways being a threesome with Matt along.

Let's see next on the list. My sugar is getting under better control but it isn't perfect. My A1C is down to 8 wich is much better even though it isn't down to the recommended <7. Although from what I have been reading lately I am not sure I want to get it that low. I will have to wait and see what future studies say to determine how low I need it to be. I went back to my foot Dr. this week. My toe is doing great, YEAH! He wants me back in four months but hopefully I won't be here. I also went for an eye appointment. My eyes have changed enough that I need new glasses. I can't use the old frames because I am rather hard on them so for the first time I get purple, well lavender, frames! Anyone who knows me for more than five minutes knows my favorite color is purple. Hey it's the color of royalty so it's perfect for me :) I also joined an online service called SparkPeople. It's a free online lifestyle group, not a diet group. It's a nice place for support and you can track food and exercise, plus there are some great recipes.

Now it's Jerry's turn. We went to the VA this week to see the Dr. about something for his back. He was just suffering so much, he barely slept, he would spend hours soaking in the tub, use the heating pad, whatever he could try just to get a little relief. The Dr. gave him a muscle relaxer and some pain pills. He has only been using them a few days and he says it's better already. It will never go away, it's been chronic for over 40 years thanks to the Marines, but he is just trying to get it down to a manageable level. Hopefully if he gets it under better control we can get more done around here. If he sleeps better then I sleep better, and if he isn't hurting as much he can do more. The smoking med is helping curb his craving but he hasn't quit yet although he has cut down a lot.

We also had a couple more snow/ice/rain storms go through. Nothing new there, once you have seen it, you've seen it :)

I have gone back to knitting the socks I was trying to do for Jerry's battleship feet :) I figured out what I was doing wrong and how to cover up the holes. Once his are done I will post pics and then I can get started on mine. I have also made a knitted and felted cat toy and mouse from the Kitty Knits book although I haven't felted them yet. I am waiting for the wool yarn to get here to start the kitty tote with. I can't believe I actually spent money on specialty yarn for something (well Jerry did) like this. Up til now I have used yarn I had or stuff I could get at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. This project is special plus you have to have wool or animal fiber to felt with. I haven't tried felting yet so we will see how it goes. Well I think that is all for now. I will try to not be so long between posts next time. Bye All!

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