Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time flies when you're having fun.....or sick

Well, it's been over a week I know but I have still had a touch of stomach bug so I am slow. I am still working on the Kitty Knits bag. I have the back finished and the front about 1/3 done. Jerry's socks may never get done :) It seems the snow is over but we have had our fair share of rain. Which I hate for the most part except it makes the flowers bloom and I have daffodils in bloom in the back yard already. Jerry took some pics but I have to get them off the camera before I can post them. Jerry also got a pic of Mrs Cardinal but it's still on the camera as well. I had a dentist appt yesterday to get a filling (yuck!) but it wasn't too bad. I am glad it's over :) I also stopped by the eye Dr. yesterday to drop off some paperwork and I got to see my new PURPLE frames :) I am liking them a bunch! I have to wait for the lenses to come in so they can be cut to fit. It's taking a while for them to get in because these frames are a little bigger than my old ones plus they are bifocals (yeah I know, I am OLD) actually the pair I am wearing now are bifocals too, which I got before I was 40, so I guess I am REALLY old :) Well I guess that's the highlights for now. Hopefully I will have some pics to post later on today. Bye all!


Lupie said...

I'm 56 so do that make me superduper old.
Well when I was 30 something I thought so. Now I think 80 something is superduper old. Maybe 90 something!

vikki said...

I am in evansville In and found yor blog through ravelry..would love to start a group that could get together once a monthe or so. What do you think.